Greater Greater Washington Live Chat

WABA recently participated in a live chat with the blog Greater Greater Washington. Readers submitted questions on subjects ranging from the Pennsylvania Avenue bike lanes to the Idaho Stop. Here are a few excerpts: On outreach beyond the traditional cycling community:
Shane: In the past few weeks we’ve partnered with the Latino Federation to do outreach at several events, including their Latino Family Day at the MtP Farmer’s Market. In addition, I’m exploring ways to work through local “corner stores” as a way to reach out to neighborhoods in other wards. I know that the corner store in my neighborhood is the de facto gathering place and primary market. So everyone goes there. If we can get our safety, health, and outreach materials distributed through those avenues & build a relationship, we could make huge strides in outreach to new areas.
On enforcement:
Shane: Honestly, I think consistent enforcement of bike laws is a huge need… I think our infrastructure has, in many ways, gotten ahead of our enforcement in DC. And there needs to be added focus on ensuring cyclist safety not just through planning and roadway improvements, but by ensuring that cyclists’ rights are respected and given due weight.
On WABA’s future:
[Comment From darren] Where do you see WABA in five years? If every WABA member gave an extra $100 a year, what would you ask the board to spend it on? Shane: Advocacy. Advocacy. Advocacy, across the region. We would love to have more resources dedicated to having someone in the room at every major transit policy discussion and budget debate across the region. Right now, we just don’t have the resources. But that would be the ideal use of an influx of funding.
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