Yards Park is Open & Looks Ready for a Moonlight Ride

The ribbon was cut this morning on The Yards Park on the Anacostia River.  The speeches from District and Forest City representatives were excellent, reiterating a commitment to revitalizing the Anacostia River.

But the speeches were overshadowed (as the speakers likely hoped) by the park itself and the amazing views of the river.  It’s rare that a project of this scale comes together to look as good as the renderings.  Here, they’ve done it.  I can’t wait to see the light tower in action.

As a reminder, WABA’s 2010 Moonlight Ride–graciously sponsored by Forest City and the Capitol Riverfront BID–will be held at the Yards Park on September 23.  Register for the ride and come out to see the Yards Park for yourself.  (You also have the option to reserve tickets to the afternoon’s Nationals-Astros game.)  This is a great chance way to see and learn about this rapidly transforming part of the District.