Reminder: Sentencing Tomorrow in Stan Miller Death

This is just a quick reminder that the sentencing of Quinzy Fraser, the man who struck and killed Stan Miller in Montgomery County earlier this year, is tomorrow at 1:30pm at the Montgomery County Courthouse (50 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD). We hope you have already submitted your Community Impact Statement if you intend to do so.  And we encourage all who can to attend the sentencing tomorrow to show the support of the cycling community. We look for ways to find silver linings in these tragedies, to help provide some sort of legacy for the men and women who have lost their lives on our roads.  And as bike advocates, we hope that our strong showing of support here will be noticed by the judge, who will offer an appropriate sentence, and perhaps by our state legislators in Annapolis, currently considering improvements to the criminal code, including a provision for criminally negligent manslaughter.* *For the sake of clarity: A criminally negligent manslaughter type of charge would not apply in this particular case, as the driver was intoxicated.  But that does not negate the potential impact that a showing of cyclist support may have on the debate.