Have You Been in a Crash & Denied Recovery?

If so, we need your story. We are looking for stories of cyclists and pedestrians who were involved in crashes, but were unable to recover damages for their injuries or property damage because they were found at-fault. We need stories from the throughout the region, so please let us know if this happened to you, and forward this request to your friends who have been in crashes. DC, Maryland, and Virginia are three of the last jurisdictions retaining a liability standard that allows blaming the victim for his or her injuries and denying any recovery if any fault can be attributed to that victim. We want to begin chipping away at that standard and making the roadways fairer, where those at fault must pay a fair percentage for the harm they cause.  But we need the real, concrete stories to make the case. To tell us your story leave a comment, email us at advocacy@test.waba.org, or call us at 202.518.0524.