Update on House Bill 363: Action Still Needed

Earlier today we provided an update on the status of MD House Bill 363. The following further update is provided by Bike Maryland: Confirmation was received late last night that the House Judiciary Committee unanimously passed House Bill 363 – Manslaughter by Motor Vehicle Criminal Negligence – out of Committee! This is terrific news. Today another positive bill vote took place on the House floor (2nd reader). The final House vote (3rd reader) will take place by this Friday, March 25th. It is absolutely critical that you please contact BOTH your Maryland General Assembly Delegate(s) AND Senator and ask them to support House Bill 363. If each of us makes a two minute call – our leaders will listen and we will successfully pass this bill. The bill will need to be voted on favorably by the House for it to move to the Senate for a vote. If voted on favorably by the Senate, we expect the Governor to sign the bill into law. This is the first time in seven years that this bill will hopefully (with your support) make it to the Senate for a vote. Please contact BOTH your State Delegate(s) AND Senator to let them know that you are a constituent and want them to support House Bill 363. Enter your home address HERE to identify your Delegate(s) and Senator – they will be listed on the left side of the screen. Click on their name for contact information. There have been far too many bicycle and pedestrian fatalities, caused by motorists, on Maryland roads. Motorists are not penalized adequately and get off with a minor traffic court slap on the hand. Please make a call to your leaders and you will be supporting justice for bicyclists and walkers and those who love someone who bikes or walks.