Spring 2011 WABA Youth Bicycle Education in Washington, DC

With the support of the District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT), WABA maintains a cargo van containing bikes, helmets, and all materials necessary for delivery of the youth bicycle education program for schools participating in the Safe Routes to School program. WABA staff schedule and teach classes in DC elementary schools and in DC Department of Recreation Centers in the summer months. In past years many DC schools have participated such as: Amidon-Bowen Elementary School, Bancroft Elementary School; Capitol Hill Cluster School, Watkins Campus; DC Preparatory Academy, Eaton Elementary School, E.L. Haynes Public Charter School, Montgomery Elementary School, Murch Elementary School; Oyster/Adams Bilingual School, Oyster Campus; Patterson Elementary School, Two Rivers Public Charter School, Whittier Elementary School. In 2011 six additional public, public charter and private schools will receive planning assistance to help make biking and walking a fun and healthy way to get to school. If you are interested in improving safety for walkers and bicyclists at your school, get help from DDOT to create a plan for doing so. For more information, contact the Safe Routes to School Coordinator, Jennifer Hefferan, at 202-671-2227 or jennifer.hefferan@dc.gov. WABA also offers fee-for-service youth bicycle education classes and bike rodeos for community organizations, private firms or non-profits. A great example of this is the training WABA provides for the Casey Trees water-by-bike program for summer youth interns. Another example is the ADA Cherry Blossom Family Bike Rally where WABA provided a bicycle skills “rodeo”, a Learn how to Ride youth bike clinic and short signed bike ride routes; or the upcoming Town of Chevy Chase Bike Day where a number of fun bike activities, such as a bike mounted smoothie blender, as well a WABA bike rodeo will be helping to promote community bicycling. To find out more about these opportunities call WABA’s Bicycle Education Director, Glen Harrison, at 202-518-0524 x212 or email safetyed@test.waba.org to schedule us for your event.