After Bike to Work Day, On to BikeFest (#DCBiketoWork)

Did you enjoy Bike to Work Day?  We certainly did. We wanted to take this moment, while everyone is basking in that Bike to Work Day glow to also introduce you to BikeFest, our 2011 fundraiser.  We absolutely love Bike to Work Day, the attention it brings to biking in DC, and the new folks it gets onto bikes.  We wouldn’t miss it for the world. But putting on an event the size of the Freedom Plaza BTWD Pit Stop is expensive, and we don’t share in the funds committed by sponsors of the regional event.  That means we’re largely responsible for finding funds for all that equipment, stage, food, and coffee on our own.  And because the National Park Service doesn’t allow sales on Freedom Plaza, we can’t sell memberships or WABA merchandise to try to offset the cost. So if you enjoyed Bike to Work Day, appreciate WABA’s work, and want to help us fund our mission and recover costs from big outreach events like this one, we would love to see you at BikeFest on June 11th. BikeFest FAQ’s:
  • What’s happening at this event?
At BikeFest, we are celebrating cycling with art, music, and games.  It’s an upscale event for your inner-child, with a bike carnival theme and a light-hearted feel.  We will have art bikes and decorations from local artists, a midway with bike-themed carnival-style games, musical accompaniment from DC’s Second String Band, acrobats and jugglers, a silent auction, raffles, and the main event:  A Bike Build Contest in which local bike shops (CityBikes, Oasis, & Papillon) will compete to build the most crowd-pleasing bicycle from recycled parts—with the winner chosen by audience votes and bids.
  • Why does it cost $45?
BikeFest is WABA’s 2011 fundraising event in support of our advocacy, outreach and education.  With grant funding currently lagging, regional governmental budgets tightening, and a large Bike to Work Day under our belts, we are committed to raising funds to continue our mission of advocating for increased and improved cycling in the region. As cycling has grown, so have the regional advocacy and education demands on our staff time and budget.  It’s undoubtedly a good problem to have, but to meet the increased advocacy needs, serve our members, and reach underserved communities while governmental funding is less prevalent, we need your financial support.  Thus, we have put together this fun event that will provide an enjoyable time for all, at a price that is a bargain for a bike-friendly night-on-the-town with food, drink, and entertainment.
  • Is this the WABA Gala?  Is it the Bike Prom?
No, and no.  But it is fun, and we want a big crowd.  And it is our annual fundraiser that is critical to our success over the next year.  This is replacing this year’s Gala, as we are going back to our roots and sticking more closely to a fun, bike-related themed celebration rather than a formal, black-tie event.
  • Why is it in Crystal City?
After searching extensively for a space that could be appropriately converted into an upscale bike carnival, the Crystal City BID provided us a space steps from both the Mount Vernon Trail and the Metro with a layout that allowed for game booths, concessions, stage space, seating space, and showcases for the bike build.  And they have given us total freedom to decorate with bikes, custom designs, and personal touches.
  • How do I get there?
That’s the easy part.  The space is easily accessible from the Mount Vernon Trail and from the Crystal City Metro.  We will have ample bike parking, so feel free to ride in and Metro home with your bike if you choose.  Several attendees will be leading meet-ups along the way if you would prefer to ride with a group (details to come on meet-ups).  Bottom line: getting there is incredibly easy.

For more information and to purchase tickets visit: