DDOT Director Bellamy: L & M Cycletracks “On Hold,” “We may not do it.”

Today’s confirmation hearing included a great deal of conversation about bikes generally, including trails, trail maintenance.  Bust most notably, Bellamy stated that the L & M cycletracks were “on hold.” This is the first time (to our knowledge) DDOT has publicly admitted that these long-planned and long-promised bicycle facilities are delayed over the amount of on-street parking that would need to be removed. Previously, DDOT’s stated rationale had been a need to further study the impacts of the existing cycletracks before continuing. Now that we know the real reason, there is more we need to know:
  • Who is objecting to the parking removal?
  • How many parkers per day will be inconvenienced, compared to the projected cyclists served?
  • Is DDOT committed to resolving this as a question of rational public space usage, or is it defaulting to “existing condition” that favors automobile storage over cyclist mobility?
  • Will the public be invited to participate in an honest discussion of the progress and evaluation of this project?
  • When considering the benefits, as Director Bellamy states, will health and environmental benefits be included?
WABA is committed to seeing these vital east-west connections through downtown completed as planned and holding DDOT and the District government to its commitment to cyclists. We appreciate many of the priorities Director Bellamy stated today and look forward to working with him to improve the District for cyclists.  However, we cannot accept “we may not do it” as DDOT’s update on a promised piece of critical infrastructure. To see the hearing, CLICK HERE.  The majority of the detailed bicycling discussion begins at 2:28.