DDOT Reminds Cyclists Not to Lock Bikes to Small Trees

From DDOT’s Urban Forestry Administration:
The District Department of Transportation’s Urban Forestry Administration would like to remind all bicyclists that locking a bike to a tree is an extremely harmful practice, which can stunt growth or even kill a tree. In addition, locking a bike to any tree less than 10” in diameter is illegal. Bicycling is a great way to get around the city, and excellent for our environment, but biking isn’t green if you harm a tree in the process. Look around for the closest bike rack, and secure your bike to it instead.  If you can’t find a rack but would like one, please contact the Mayor’s Citywide Call Center by dialing 311. If you are a business located in the District and would like one, please contact goDCgo at 202.299.2186. The District Department of Transportation thanks you for your support in this matter. Love trees? Become a Canopy Keeper by adopting one. Call (202) 671-5133 or visit ddot.dc.gov/trees for more information.