Updated Advocacy Section on the WABA Website

We have been mighty busy here at WABA with our core mission of bicycle advocacy over the past few years.  So busy, in fact, that the advocacy section of our website had been allowed to accumulate a bit of outdated information.   We have recently taken the time to update our advocacy section of the WABA website.  You can see the updates online here: waba.org/advocacy In the future we will try our hardest to keep this section of our website current and updated.  (But we’re unlikely to delay pushing the improvements in order to update the website about the need to push for them.) We will continue to keep you updated on our most current advocacy issues through our new blog: Quick Release.  We post almost daily about our advocacy, education and outreach initiatives, and events.  Take a moment and set your RSS or Google Reader to follow our blog feed. The advocacy priorities outlined for each of our local jurisdictions (Mongomery, Prince George’s, Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington Counties and the District of Columbia) and the greater Washington region represent many years of on-going work and include a listing of overall priorities for future work. If you have thoughts about our priorities, we would be glad to hear your thoughts. In November, WABA will be hosting a regional Call to Action Summit to set local and regional advocacy priorities.  The process will begin in September with local stakeholder meetings in our various political jurisdictions.  The region-wide Call to Action Summit will be held on November 3rd.  We are still working out some of the logistics, so stay tuned for more information coming in the next few weeks.