Want to try commuting by bike? We have a class for that.

So you want to get some exercise while getting to work pumped up and ready to go? Maybe save some money?  Could it be you’d like to avoid our crazy traffic or standing on a crowded bus or metro car? Perhaps you just want to get some fresh air in the morning?  We have the solution: Bike commuting. We invite to join us for one of our upcoming bicycle safety education classes!   We have several Confident City Cycling (CCC) classes this fall.  These classes will teach you how to ride safely and comfortably in DC streets. Our Confident City Cycling 1 (CCC1) class is for people who feel comfortable riding a bike around a parking lot or trail but don’t yet have the skills or confidence to safely bike in traffic.  CCC1 is also for cyclists who maybe haven’t ridden in a while and want a short refresher course on city riding.  CCC1 students will learn the basics of proper road biking and practice essential drills to make you a better cyclist and as a bonus CCC1 students will learn how to change a flat tire. Our Confident City Cycling 2 (CCC2) class will build upon skills learned in CCC1 and give cyclists the confidence they need to feel comfortable riding in most road situations.  CCC2 will teach how to avoid specific dangerous situations with cars, pedestrians and the road.  CCC2 will cover emergency turning drills to be a well-prepared cyclist.  CCC2 will also have our student-cyclists practice with our instructors on the road so that they can confidently ride our city streets in style. There are still openings in our CCC1 classes on 10/15/11 and 10/29/11.  There are also still openings in our  CCC2 classes on 9/17/11 and 10/15/11. Sign up here. So sign up today before the classes fill up!