Resolve to Ride Responsibly in 2012 #wabaresolution

The 2011 Ride for Responsibility capped off the Resolution campaign last January.

It’s that time again! The New Year is all about introspection–the idea of examining yourself and committing to do good in the year to come. For 2012, we’re Resolving to Ride Responsibly again! Click here to make the resolution with us. We ride every day, and every day we’re amazed at the number of bicyclists out there. More and more people in the region are taking to two wheels, whether it’s to save money, save time, or just for fun! The New Year is the perfect time to be thankful that the bicycling movement is picking up speed, and also to reflect on our own bicycling. We’re resolving to ride responsibly again in 2012! We hope you will too. Here is this year’s Resolution to Ride Responsibly. Give it a read, sign the pledge, get introspective over a steaming cup of something in front of a cozy fireplace, and come join us for the Ride for Responsibility on January 28th!
WABA is excited for 2012 and the opportunities it will present! Bicycling is fun. It’s freedom. It’s a million different things to a million different people. We’re a community of bicyclists, and we want every member of that community to be safe and enjoy the ride all year long. For 2012, we are again asking bicyclists to Resolve to Ride Responsibly. Be safe. Set a good example. Exercise your right to the region’s roadways responsibly. Join us in making the Resolution: …I Resolve to be a responsible bicyclist. …I Resolve to respect the rights of all road users. …I Resolve to yield to pedestrians. …I Resolve to do my part to make our roadways safe places.
Please click here and Resolve to Ride Responsibly in 2012