Riding for Responsibility

Last Saturday we celebrated the 500+ bicyclists who resolved to ride responsibly throughout 2012.  The Resolution to Ride Responsibly is a year-long commitment to be a responsible bicyclist, to respect the rights of all road users, to yield to pedestrians and to do your part to make our roadways safe places. Once again we invited our members and supporters to join us for an easy, fun ride to demonstrate these commitments. And this year, the weather cooperated fully, providing us with an incredibly warm January morning! More than 60 bicyclists from all over the region joined us for the ride, a jaunty 6.5-mile ride through some of the District’s most vibrant neighborhoods.  As a group we discussed the importance of respectful and predictable riding behaviors, and showed that groups of bicyclists belong on the roads along the way. We enjoyed each other’s company and talked about what unites us all, our sincere appreciation for bicycles.