Seeking Support for Peer-to-Peer Women’s Bicycling Program

Over the past year, WABA has operated a program aimed at understanding and addressing the gender imbalance in cycling in the region.  Last year’s Women’s Bicycling Forum and a number of follow-up events, including the Tour de Bells Ride capping the Spring season, were successful.  However, this program was largely operated without a dedicated source of funding by volunteers and interns, and with very limited resources.  We are grateful for the work of those volunteers and interns who have helped the program grow to this point, but in order to grow the program to size appropriate to addressing the issue at hand, we are seeking institutional support to fund a grassroots, peer-to-peer outreach program with the goal of growing the number of women on bikes in the Washington area. Please help us to spread the word about this proposed program to anyone who might be interested in addressing the gender gap in regional cycling by helping WABA to fund such a program.  An abbreviated proposal and program description is below:   WomenBike Program Proposal & Request for Support