This Week in Bike Reads

Hains Point, July 1942. Via Shorpy

A poll at the recent MoveDC kickoff had 622 respondents, nearly 35 percent of whom already bike in D.C. Just over 70 percent of respondents said they’d like to bike in D.C. in the future. A very #bikeDC take on Mayor Vince Gray’s Sustainable D.C. plan. In Uruguay, you can dispense of your gun in exchange for a bike. Here’s a big, sprawling Facebook gallery of “bicycling advocacy images”—mostly slideshows from various departments of transportation throughout the U.S. The bicycling omnibus bill entered into the D.C. Council this week got some attention. For a brief diversion into pedestrian issues, the Project for Public Spaces’ long read on the “accident axiom”—or, blaming the on-foot victim in a car-pedestrian crash—is a good one, with implications for cyclists, too. Perhaps you’re too lazy to finagle your own stationary-bike desk. You may now buy one for $1,500. The League of American Bicyclists’ Carolyn Szczepanski talks about its soon-to-launch WomenBike program, a national initiative to get more women on bikes. In a dystopian future, will cities spar over who gets the cyclists? Oh, wait, Chicago and Seattle are already doing that. Image via Shorpy