This Week in Bike Reads

Under the Whitehurst Freeway Capital Bikeshare is perhaps too pricey for College Park. The L.A. Times smacks down Portland’s proposed registration fee for bicycles, calling it a “foolish attack.” Zing! Riding in traffic, according to Commute Orlando, is a dance. Lead it with your fancy footwork (er, pedalwork). WABA’s executive director, Shane Farthing, Bike Arlington’s program manager, Chris Eatough, and Black Women Bike co-founder Veronica Davis guested on The Kojo Nnamdi Show on Monday. Listen to the segment, “Our Region’s Growing Bike Culture,” and read Eatough’s recap on Mobility Lab’s blog. Was your bike stolen in D.C.? The Metropolitan Police Department is posting photos of stolen bikes on Flickr. Maybe one is yours. Mixing zones are totally better in New York–maybe. Lots and lots and lots of green lanes in the future, says the Green Lane Project. Presentations from sessions at the National Bike Summit are now available online. Istanbul is starting from scratch in its cultivation of a bike-commuter culture. Photo by jacquesofalltrades on Flickr