This Week in Bike Rides

So Which Can Carry More? Chasing Mailboxes asks how D.C. can be made better for cyclists. Bike DC isn’t the only closed-street right to face permitting trouble. New York’s Five Boroughs Ride also won’t happen this year. This is old news for our regular followers, but industry rag Bicycle Retailer has put online last month’s article about our Women & Bicycles program’s grant from the League of American Bicyclists. Bikes: a mode of transportation, something to exercise on, and now, PA systems. A D.C.-to-Baltimore bike commuter describes his regional journey. Read DCistWashingtonian, and NBC4 on John Diehl’s sentencing for hitting cyclist Evan Wilder Here’s what a guerilla bike lane installation—a “polite” one—looks like. Photo by Flickr user ranpuba. Contribute to our Flickr pool!