Why Should You Register for Bike to Work Day?

Every Wednesday leading up to Bike to Work Day, we’ll post here about ways you can get ready for the region’s biggest annual celebration of bike commuting. Register for Bike to Work Day now!
Perhaps you ride you bike every day, rain, shine, or snowstorm. Maybe you are getting back on a bike for the first time since elementary school. Or maybe you ride occasionally, when the spirit or weather moves you. As a frequent, infrequent, or new rider, you may be asking yourself, “Why is it important to register for Bike to Work Day?” Here are five great reasons why you should. 1. It’s important to be counted Bike to Work Day is our once-a-year opportunity to be counted. At no other point during the year are we able to better count, and therefore account for, the number of folks using a bike for transportation. This one day each year provides us with a number that we use throughout the rest of the year to indicate the level of ridership in the region. It matters not whether you ride daily, occasionally, or are just getting started. You bike and that counts. So be counted and register! 2. It’s our opportunity to show growth in ridership Once counted, we are able to use participation numbers to show growth in overall ridership. Since 2001, there has been a steady, documented growth in Bike To Work Day participation that corresponds with an overall growth in regional ridership. The greater the growth demonstrated, the greater our ability to advocate for better bicycling and bicycling infrastructure in the region. There is strength in numbers. More riders means a larger, more visible constituency. But you need to register to show this growth. 3. You can connect with, and become part of, a community of riders Biking can be more fun with good company! Whether you invite a colleague, neighbor, friend, or family member to sign up and ride along with you, join an existing convoy, decide to lead your own convoy, friend a ride buddy, or chat up a fellow cyclist at your pit stop, Bike to Work Day is a great opportunity to meet and connect with other riders. Or to mentor someone to try bike commuting (or just biking) for the first time! Register to join the community of riders! While you’re at it, challenge others to register with you and get out on the road together. 4. Free stuff Who doesn’t love free stuff? One of the perks of Bike to Work Day, in addition to free coffee and bagels awaiting you along your morning commuter, is the free t-shirts and raffle prizes. However, T-shirts are only available to the folks who register (and the first 12,000 registrants at that). So register now! Registering also gets you entered to win a variety of raffle prizes, including a bike! 5. It’s fun Really! It’s a regional bike commuting party. Bike to Work Day is one of the only times that you can commune with your fellow riders, in one spot, for free, while getting served free snacks, breakfast, coffee, and swag. It’s the one day a year we collectively celebrate biking for transportation. Who doesn’t want to attend that party? Register to join in the fun! To optimize your fun, stop by your neighborhood stop, then hit up pit stops along on your commute, enjoying music and snacks along the way.
Next Wednesday, we’ll tell be back with a profile of a Bike to Work Day pit stop. Sign up for Bike to Work Day now!