Meet BikeFest BikeBuilder #4: Papillon Cycles

We hope you’re coming to BikeFest on Fri., May 3. That’s this Friday! The annual BikeBuild contest is back for the third year in a row. Local bike shops and co-ops were invited to build the best, most innovative, and creative bicycle as their entry. We encouraged the shops to use recycled parts, and all bikes had to be built without spending more than $250. This year’s BikeBuild participants are The Bike House, City Bikes, Papillion Cycles, and Phoenix Bikes. At BikeFest, you’ll vote on your favorite build. After votes are collected, all the bikes will be auctioned off. All proceeds raised will go directly to WABA and will help support another year of bike advocacy, education, and outreach. Many thanks to the participating shops for donating skills, time, and parts. We’ll be profiling each shop here leading up to BikeFest (previously, Phoenix Bikes and The Bike House!). We talked to John from Papillon Cycles about participating in the BikeBuild contest: WABA: Tell us about Papillon Cycles. Papillon Cycles:: Papillon Cycles is a full-service bike shop! We mean to convey that every cyclist’s needs can be met by us, whether it is one who needs a flat fixed or an adjustment made while they wait, to someone who needs an exotic or rare bicycle refurbished, to building a unicycle for a round-the-globe adventure. We sell a wide variety of bicycles, too, and are a Giant and Breezer bikes dealer. We love our community and are excited to welcome new friends to the joys of cycling in and around Arlington! WABA: Tell us about the bike you’re building. PC: Well, the bicycle we are building for the BikeBuild contest is a classic, a Western Flyer. It’s a ladies’ model, or a guy’s—we’re not self conscious over here. We were inspired by the way a bicycle, this one or any bicycle, can help one create their own luck! It will have character, that’s for sure. We didn’t spend very much on this one in terms of cash, but we broke the bank in other ways! We would love to see the auction winner riding this bicycle on their most useful and widest local thoroughfare, in a bike lane. WABA: What do you hope D.C.’s bike community looks like in 10 years? PC: We hope that the DC area bicycle community will be bigger in 10 years. We hope it will be more welcoming and inclusive of casual and utilitarian-minded cyclists, as well as the racers too! One thing that is always on our mind over here on Columbia Oike is car traffic. We hope that with increased participation in bicycle advocacy, laws and infrastructure will grow with the increased demand for safe, easy, healthy, fun bicycling! Cycling should be an option for everyone, everywhere. WABA: What’s Papillon up to this spring? PC: New to Papillon this spring and summer are free flat repair and bicycle maintenance classes! We do these every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m. We are also moving next door in our same building and expanding this summer. We will have a larger selection of bicycles, as well as parts and accessories. Papillon-branded cycling caps, wool jerseys, and water bottles are also new. Capital Bikeshare is coming to our neighborhood, too! Want a chance to bid on Papillon Cycles’ new build and bring home a new ride? Buy a BikeFest ticket today. BikeFest will sell out, so get on it!