Model for a Green Lane Project Photoshoot on Fri., June 7

WABA has recently teamed up with the Green Lane Project, part of Bikes Belong, to increase the number of dedicated cycletracks in D.C. Also affiliated with Bikes Belong is People for Bikes, which is working to develop stock images of cities involved in the Green Lane Project, including D.C. Here’s how People for Bikes describes the shoot:
National bike nonprofit is conducting a photoshoot in Washington, DC on June 7th. We’re looking for local bike lovers to model for us! The objective of the shoot is to capture beautiful images of people riding a bike for everyday purposes. We’ll pay $50 for each 2-hour session you work. These images will be used by a bicycling nonprofit that is working to make bicycling safer and better in Washington, DC and around the country! So, even though the pay isn’t amazing, it’s a very good cause. We’re looking for people of all ages, looks, and ethnicities—singles, couples, families, business professionals, kids, etc.
Are you interested and available on June 7? Sign up with People for Bikes today.