This Week in Bike Reads

bike pins This Week in Bike Reads was busy with Bike to Work Day obligations last Friday. It’s back now and hopes you are still riding your bike to work.   What do you think about Slate’s proposed peace treaty for pedestrians and cyclists? Twitter is a great way to get your point heard. Maybe your point shouldn’t be that you hit a cyclist. NBC4 gets in on the problem of illegal u-turns on Pennsylvania Avenue. And in general, despite major progress, D.C.’s bike lanes could be better. Capital Bikeshare is a gateway drug. But even if you stick to CaBi, you’re making trips you otherwise wouldn’t, are less likely to use a car or other forms of transit, save around $800 per year on personal travel, and feel healthier. Ride, to die Photo by Flickr user Joe Flood. Join our Flickr pool!