Discuss Improvements for Cyclists in the H Street Corridor Next Monday

Two Warnings Bicycling along H Street NE was significantly impacted several years ago by the streetscape reconstruction and installation of streetcar tracks. Riding on H Street requires extra attention and skills, and there has been an increase in crashes there due to cyclists’ tires getting stuck in streetcar tracks. The streetcars aren’t running yet, but when they are, they’ll add to the hazardous biking environment: Streetcars are longer, heavier, and unable to maneuver around bicycles. Next Monday, ANC 6A and ANC 6C will host a joint public meeting to address the issue of bicycling access in the H Street NE corridor. DDOT has proposed four alternatives to improve bicycling there, specifically by making improvements on the two adjacent streets, G and I streets NE. ANC Commission Tony Goodman has explained the alternatives in detail on Greater Greater Washington. The joint meeting is being hosted by ANC 6A during its regularly scheduled Transportation and Public Space Committee on Mon., June 17 at 7 p.m. at the Sherwood Recreation Center. Please consider attending and learning more about the proposed changes to making biking east/west through the H Street NE area better.