Thanks for a Great Spring Education Season!

Summer is here, and as we welcome the sunshine and longer days, we say “So long!” to another season of WABA’s bike education. Bicyclist education is a vital part of WABA’s mission and it’s more popular than ever. Thanks to a front-page article in the Washington Post and a story featured nationally on NPR’s Morning Edition, interest in our Adult Learn to Ride class exploded this spring. The demand was so enthusiastic that we filled up all of our scheduled classes and scrambled to add two additional sessions. Finishing up our teaching season in mid-June, we had 19 individuals brave the rain and join us for our final spring Adult Learn to Ride class. L2R - 6/23/13 L2R - 6/23/13 For riders looking to comfortably and confidently share the road with cars, our City Cycling classes provide useful skills and techniques to tackle whatever the streets dish out. Whether you just graduated from an Adult Learn to Ride class or have been riding for years, you will definitely learn something new! Here’s what some of our students had to say about our City Cycling classes:
    • “As I have been cycling for a number of years I was wondering if the class would be too basic for me, but it was not. I was very pleased (and surprised about how much I didn’t know!)”
    • “All of the instructors are attentive and encouraging and helpful.”
    • “Taking a bike ride around the city streets after [the class] made me feel more secure (and confident!) riding around cars.”
    • “The instructors were top notch. They taught me what I needed to learn in a happy, down to earth way and did not make me feel stupid for not knowing basic things.”
Free today? Take a Confident City Cycling class! 2 p.m., Washington Middle School, Alexandria As we wait for temperatures to recede to acceptable learning levels, stay tuned to the blog and our course calendar for more City Cycling classes and Adult Learn to Ride opportunities in August and in the fall. Thanks to all who attended classes in the spring and spread the word about our work, and we look forward to seeing new faces later in the summer!