ANC 3D Votes to Stall New Mexico Avenue Bike Lanes

Never mind, maybe. Image via DDOT.

At its regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Wed., Oct. 2, ANC 3D commissioners voted 6-4 to stall the installation of a planned northbound climbing lane and southbound bike lane on New Mexico Avenue NW. We mobilized supporters of the lanes to attend a regularly scheduled ANC 3D meeting in July, where support for the lane was up for vote. This was the fourth public hearing addressing the configuration for New Mexico Avenue, two of which were held specifically to discuss the lanes. DDOT had worked extensively with ANC 3D to draw up a suitable plan, and developed something that would not affect parking or travel lanes. In July, the ANC voted 5-4 to support the bike lanes. We declared it a success, and DDOT began installation of the climbing lane and sharrow. This past Wednesday, we heard the day of the meeting that it was likely that the ANC would attempt to force a vote to stall the lanes, though no such item was on the agenda. Though we alerted supporters to the potential of a vote the day prior to ANC 3D’s meeting, the commission voted to stall the installation by requiring a DDOT traffic study. Councilmember Mary Cheh has indicated her support of the lanes to us in an email, writing, “I fully support the proposed bike lane and have written to the DDOT Director that I will vigorously oppose any rear guard action that upsets something approved by both DDOT and the ANC.”