Choose WABA in Your Workplace Giving Campaign

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November typically marks various office rituals, like changing insurance plans, adjusting flexible spending accounts, or reviewing retirement account performance. Another yearly workplace tradition falls in November: committing to a workplace giving campaign. The biggest workplace giving campaign in the area is the Combined Federal Campaign for federal workers, which is managed by the United Way. WABA is extremely fortunate to be the beneficiary of several workplace giving campaigns, including the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC #93587), the World Bank Community Connections campaign, the DC One Fund, Network for Good, America’s Charities, the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (WABA #8469), among others. The money generated by our generous supporters through workplace giving funds many of our advocacy initiatives. In addition, it provides seed funding to launch new programs. Our East of the River and Women & Bicycles programs were both started up with workplace giving funds: Many new and untested programs with unproven results—like those that attempt to expand the demographics of bicyclists at the local level—are tough sells to foundations or governments that could potentially provide grant funding. If we can launch a program and prove it works, we can then sell foundations and governments on the program’s importance and keep it going into the future. This was the case with our East of the River and Women & Bicycles programs, both of which have been overwhelmingly successful. They couldn’t have existed without the dollars we receive from workplace giving campaigns. If you’ve already chosen WABA as your designee for your workplace giving campaign, we can’t thank you enough. If you’ve never participated in workplace giving and it’s something that your office makes available to you, please consider doing so this year and choosing WABA as your designee. Your donation will help support WABA’s advocacy and perhaps launch the “next big thing” in bike advocacy and outreach. Help us spread the word about WABA as a participant in your workplace giving campaign. Print out and post the flyer to the right in your office (click here for a larger version). And if you make a contribution through a workplace giving campaign and would like a WABA membership to be included in your donation, please contact