This Week in Bike Reads

Couldn't resist one more shot of this beautiful #bikeDC  morning. Bikes are outselling cars in Europe. According to University of Oklahoma, very few people in D.C. get to work by car (we’re second only to New York); biking modeshare here has increased drastically in the past 12 years; and  in the Northeast, we’ve got the highest amount of people commuting by bike. The zebras are coming. Our blog shouldn’t be the only local bike blog you’re reading. A great list can be found here. Bikeshare data is swiftly becoming commuting data. In the Netherlands, cyclists get their own roundabout high above a multi-lane highway. Also in the Netherlands, a child’s death, as a result of a car crashing into his bicycle, triggered an extensive police investigation and a roadway redesign. Last weekend’s Women & Bicycles bridesmaids’ dress ride, as told by the Washington Post Photo by Flickr user gypsybug. Join our Flickr pool!