Watch BikeArlington’s Documentary, BikeSwell

Last month, BikeArlington premiered BikeSwell – Smart Movement in Arlington, Virginia at Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse. The 33-minute documentary received a standing ovation from a packed house. You can now watch it online here. BikeSwell explores Arlington’s journey to become a premier bike-friendly community, including the success, challenges, partnerships, and conflicts necessary to that process. Local companies Gripped Films and Haik Music produced the film. Our friends at BikeArlington say that BikeSwell’s highlights include:
  • Why Arlington is working so hard on accommodating bicycles, from County Board Chairman Walter Tejada and transportation planning staff
  • What Arlington can do to take it to the next level, from League of American Bicyclists President Andy Clarke
  • Man-on-the-street interviews with drivers in Arlington County to find out what they really think about sharing the road with bikes.
  • The future bike riders of Arlington learning and practicing bike skills in elementary school.
Watch BikeSwell now!