Women & Bicycles and CASS to Host Street Harassment Workshop

WABA’s Women & Bicycles program will host a workshop about street harassment in conjunction with Collective Action for Safe Spaces on Wed., Nov. 20 from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at the Mount Pleasant library (3160 16th St. NW). Zosia, CASS’ lead outreach coordinator and the workshop’s facilitator, says:
“If you’re woman-identifying in DC, you’re probably familiar with the behaviors that qualify as street harassment — lewd gestures, sexual comments, following, and unwanted touching, ranging from the humiliating to the threatening. Avoiding this kind of behavior and staying safe can be an unacknowledged reason that many of us hop in the saddle to become urban cyclists. Still, as empowering and fun as cycling can be, it comes with a unique set of harassment-related challenges that can be just as frustrating or scary as the stuff that happens when we’re on foot. This workshop will introduce prevention and empowerment strategies that can be used by people who experience sexual harassment in public, both on and off bicycles. We’ll give you some tools to respond assertively to harassers and to be active bystanders when you observe others being harassed. We’ll also discuss ideas for mobilizing your friends, family, and community to change the culture and end public sexual harassment and assault.”
Capacity is limited. Please RSVP here and arrive early.