This Week in Bike Reads

IMG_6469 It’s a legitimate criticism that dedicated infrastructure for cyclists installed in the U.S. is often not particularly good. How should cyclists ride as a result? Chicago’s departing (and D.C.’s former) director of transportation, Gabe Klein, talks with Chicago magazine about cars, density, and happiness. (Speaking of happiness, here’s an entire blog devoted to the concept of happiness and cities.) The Weekly Standard has noticed that bicyclists are “making unreasonable claims to the road—and winning.” But Planetizen counters that drivers don’t actually subsidize cyclists. But also, driving is becoming less popular. (More on D.C.-specific data about the decline of car usage here.) The Alexandria Times takes a look at the opponents and supporters of the King Street bike lane. In this video, a driver and cyclist switch positions. Phoenix Bikes might move. Photo by Flickr user Pedro Gringo. Join our Flickr pool!