This Week in Bike Reads

Deliver Us No lanes in D.C. made People for Bikes’ list of top 10 protected bike lanes in the U.S. High-vis cycling gear might be in style, but one study says it doesn’t affect a driver’s passing distance. WAMU tackles two signifiers of DDOT’s great slowdown: the incomplete Met Branch Trail and the M Street cycletrack, which may or may not be finished by spring 2014. (Funnily enough, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments has clearly stated that the region needs to ease its dependence on driving as transportation.) And you can watch or read NBC4’s coverage of the Nov. 16 D.C. Council oversight hearing on DDOT. That said, Voice of America is insistent that cycling is totally an established thing in D.C. MIT researchers have developed something called the Copenhagen wheel, which can store energy you generate while riding your bike for later use. Wash Cycle digs into D.C. churches’ opposition to bike lanes. Tons and tons and tons of bikes can fit into one car-sized parking space. The Hains Point 100 is on Sunday! Photo by Flickr user ranpuba. Join our Flickr pool!