Delegate and Senator Voting Records on Bike Bills in the 2014 Virginia Legislative Session

The Virginia state legislature is about halfway through its 2014 legislative session. There are a number of bills related to bicycling that are working through  the Senate and House of Delegates. We posted a quick rundown of bills WABA is watching on the blog a couple of weeks ago. Both Senate bills (SB 225 and SB 97) have passed a full Senate vote and will now go to the House. On the House side, two bills failed to report (which means that they failed to be passed out of committee) from the Transportation Committee: Both bills (HB277 and HB320) sought to clarify the law for drivers stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks or passing another car that has stopped for a pedestrian in a crosswalk. One bill (HB 82) passed a full House vote and will go to the Senate. You can see how your elected representatives voted below. If you don’t know who your state representatives are, use our easy legislator look-up tool to find out.

House of Delegate Voting Record (through Feb 1)

Senate Voting Record (through Feb 1)