Bonds’ Office Clarifies Bike Lane “Moratorium” Comments

During today’s D.C. Council oversight hearing of the District Department of Transportation, WABA executive director Shane Farthing, Coalition for Smarter Growth policy director Cheryl Cort, and Greater Greater Washington editor David Alpert asked for clarification from Anita Bonds’ office on her comments regarding bike lanes. As reported by Greater Greater Washington, Bonds called for a “moratorium” on bike lanes. GGW writes:
At a forum last night, Councilmember Anita Bonds advocated for a “moratorium” on any bike lanes in residential neighborhoods, and also for rules requiring all bicycles to have license plates. According to tweets by Keith Ivey, she opposes the lanes because of the impact on parking.
Brittany Madison, from Bonds’ office, sent this statement with regard to the councilmember’s comments:
Councilmember Bonds has not called for a city-wide moratorium on the establishment of new bike lanes, she is pro bike and pro dedicated bike lanes.  Bonds supports bike lanes throughout the major corridors of the District, however she is not in favor of dedicated bike lanes on narrow streets within residential neighborhoods until an updated comprehensive plan is drafted.  Bonds believes the city needs to have an up-to-date comprehensive bike lane plan that all residents are aware of; likewise, she is aware that Move DC is working on a draft bike lane plan an looks forward to reviewing it and meeting with relevant stakeholders to continue this discussion.