Your Last Chance to Show You Want a Safer King Street

Are you an Alexandria or Northern Virginia resident? This is your last chance to sign the petition supporting the King Street traffic calming project in Alexandria. Over 800 supporters and residents of Alexandria and Northern Virginia believe the project will make King Street safer for pedestrians, transit riders, cyclists, and drivers. Join them and sign the petition now. (Please note that the petition is limited to Virginia residents.) The petition will be delivered to the mayor and city council on Thursday. We want to double the number of signatures by Wednesday night—that’s tonight. Help us by signing the petition and sharing the link: Additionally, on Sat., March 15 at 9:30 a.m., the Alexandria city council will hear a presentation from city staff and public testimony about this project. It will then vote to move forward with or delay making King Street safer. Several Councilmembers have indicated they may vote to delay. A vote to delay this project is a vote against safety for all road users. Consider attending and testifying in support of the King Street traffic calming project. Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille has said, “We don’t want people driving their cars and parking, we want people to be using bicycles and walking.” Sign the petition to hold Mayor Euille to his word. Please send this email and petition to friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and others who want a better King Street. Here’s a link to the petition: Thank you for supporting safe streets for biking and walking in Alexandria.