Why NOT to register for Bike To Work Day

1.  I ride my bike to work every day anyway.  It’s just like any other day.

2.  I definitely do NOT need another t-shirt, water bottle, other free goodies OR the possibility of winning a bike.

3.  I am sure the Transportation Departments already know how many people are commuting to work via bikes these days.

4.  I’d much rather ride by myself and go to work the same way I always do.  I know everybody who rides my route.

Okay, yeah, you got us.  We put the wrong list up.  Take all of those things above and switch them to the opposite. WE WANT YOU TO REGISTER FOR BIKE TO WORK DAY! In all seriousness, we do need you to register. Even if you ride every day, even if you don’t want that special BTWD 2014 commemorative t-shirt. We need numbers.  We need to show the growth every year. At some point, maybe we won’t be able to have Bike To Work Day because it will have become so huge that even 79 Pit Stops can’t hold us.  Bike To Work day will be everyday. Biking to work will be such an easy, convenient and safe occurrence that no one will even remember that we ever celebrated Bike To Work Day.  But until we get to that point, we really need your help. So register for Bike To Work Day and help us show strong numbers that convince area decision makers that we need safe trails, and lanes and other infrastructure in order for us to continue growing bicycling in the DC area.