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you-bike-you-vote This week is our 2014 WABA Member Drive. On the blog, we’re highlighting the work your membership supports.

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Our education program teaches children and adults how to ride a bicycle, safe rules of the road, and confidence on a bike. We go into local schools, day camps, and hold adults classes throughout the city. In 2014 alone our education program has reached 1,469 kids and 267 adults. This fall our education program is expanding in a few key ways. Our adult programming includes a new series of educational rides. What is an educational ride? It’s not quite a class – there’s no sitting around or listening to lectures or doing exercises. Each of our rides is focused on a different topic that’s critical for successful city riding: infrastructure, hill climbing, and transitioning from trails to city streets. Our youth education programming is expanding to include two after school Bike Clubs. Bike Club is a progressive 5-7 week after school program designed to get kids aged eight through fourteen thinking about bicycling for fun, exploration, physical fitness, and transportation. We’re using bicycling as a vehicle to teach team building, community engagement, volunteerism, and awareness of the urban environment. Our education programming is always striving to meet the needs our our community. Being a WABA Member shows your support for our unique programming. Join or Renew your WABA Membership this week to show your support! The first 500 people to join or renew this week will receive a limited edition “I bike. I vote. @ I’m a WABA Member” t-shirts. T-shirts can be picked up on October 17 from 5:30-8:00 PM at Beirgarten Haus on H st. or will be shipped the week after.