Click this one button to make biking better

Want to make biking better?

click this button

It really works!*

OK sure it’s a cute gimmick, but here’s the thing: one of the best ways to make biking better in our region is to get more people on bikes. More people on bikes means more people demanding better infrastructure. More people on bikes reinforces the growing consensus that bicycling is a legitimate transportation option.

Bike to Work Day is a great chance to help that person in your life who’s bike-curious give bike commuting a shot.

So go ahead and click that button a few times. Get your friends to click the button too. Invite a neighbor or a coworker or a friend to ride with you. It’ll be great!

*If the button doesn’t open your email client, write this email:

To: [your coworker, friend, or neighbor]

Subject: Want to bike to work together on Friday?

Message: Friday is Bike to Work Day, let’s do this!

I’ll meet you at X. We can grab a bagel at the X pit stop on our way. Sign up here:
Bike to work day: This is going to be great.

Bike to work day: This is going to be great.