Ride Arlington with us this Wednesday!

Folks, our next Community Ride is this Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in Arlington.

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In each of our Community Rides, we explore a different topic related to riding in the DC area. This time, we’re discussing haulin’, which means carrying a lot of stuff on your bike.

We’ll talk about (and bring, so you can get a feel for how they work!) panniers, trailers, and other creative everyday biking solutions for hauling stuff from groceries to tents and sleeping bags.

For example: Meet my friend Will.

Will Haulin Ride 1_lowres

Sometimes Will has to carry a lot of stuff on his bike. Sometimes he even has to carry a whole garden.

He attaches a trailer to his bike to get the job done.

Will Haulin 3_lowres

There are lots of ways to make your bike a good option to transport everything you need for your day. You don’t have to use Will’s way — you can make your own!

Join us on Wednesday to ride around Arlington, to air your deepest bike questions, to haul stuff, and to eat tacos!

See you there?