Recap: Clearing Kudzu on the Marvin Gaye Trail

What happens when you spend a few hours pulling vegetation? Good plants have an easier chance of growing, you get to know your community better and the trail is a more inviting place to be. Trail Rangers and volunteers had a fabulous time last weekend uncovering a section of Marvin Gaye Park from destructive plants. In the process of removing a massive mound of vines, we saved trees from being choked to death, gave saplings a fighting chance for survival and turned a blanket of green into a healthier habitat. It was incredibly satisfying to give trees new life and find a park.
Somewhere, underneath the greenery, is the trail corridor we want.

Somewhere, underneath the greenery, is the park we want.

But it was not just the plants that benefited from our efforts – we had the pleasure of introducing the trail to more people and more trail users to the Trail Ranger program. And all before lunch! If you’d like to join us, our next cleanup will be on the Suitland Parkway Trail later this month. Sign up here.