Which fun community ride you should go on?

Answer this simple question to find out:

Where do you live? (or work, or like to visit)

1. Crystal City.

Secrets of Crystal City

Join us on October 8th for our Secrets of Crystal City in Arlington, VA. I mean there’s Crystal in the name, sooooooo cool!

2. Shirlington.

secrets of shirlington

Join us on October 14th for our Secrets of Shirlington in Arlington, VA. You’ll surely find adventure in Shirlington!

3. Capitol Hill.

the haunted hill

Join us on October 23rd  for The Haunted Hill ride in Washington, DC. What ghosts are haunting the Congressional Cemetery?

4. Ballston.

secrets of ballston

Join us on October 28th for our Spooky Secrets of Ballston in Arlington, VA. Half spooky and half hidden secrets.

5. Del Ray and Old Town.

Reading and Riding

Join us on November 4th for our Riding and Reading in Alexandria, VA. BOOKS! BIKES! B-YEAH!

6. Alexandria

Hauling to Help

Join us on November 18th for our Haulin’ to Help in Alexandria, VA. Help deliver food to those in need during the holiday season.

7. Georgetown and Glover Park.

lighting the way

Join us on December 2nd for our Lighting the Way in Washington, DC. Pretty lights on houses and learning about lights on bikes.

Congrats, you basically have won the fun lottery!

Our community rides are a fun, low-stress way to meet people, explore our area, and maybe pick up a new biking skill or two. Click on a date above to reserve your spot! This fall we have SEVEN (magic number!) opportunities to get rolling. Here are SEVEN more reasons to join us:
  • You can ask any bicycle questions that fit your fancy
  • After rides we typically find a bite to eat together
  • You get to meet other bicycle people
  • Weeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • You’ll find out cool stuff about your community
  • You’ll come home feeling pretty grand
  • You’ll get many opportunities to take formal* portraits with your bike (*=informal, fun, and not while riding)

So, doing some quick math here:

bike ride + new friends + snacks = 😀

8. I don’t live in or work near or visit any of those places 🙁


Our community rides are funded by local governments. If you’d like one in your neighborhood, drop us a note at education@test.waba.org and we’ll let you know which local official or agency to contact.

*A helmet and bicycle are required for participation. If you rent a Capital Bikeshare we can reimburse your usage fees for the ride. Please contact education@test.waba.org with any questions.