The 5th Annual Hains Point 100 is December 18th!

It’s gray and cold and wet outside today, but soon you too can be as happy as these people:

That’s right, the 5th Annual Hains Point 100 is almost here! This year’s event will be on Sunday, December 18th, and you can find all the details at the official website:

Follow the event-

What is the Hains Point 100?

This fabulous event began five years ago when Megan Jones decided to ride 100 miles around Hains Point in East Potomac Park to raise awareness and funds for WABA’s Women & Bicycles program. Since then, hundreds of riders and their friends have joined in, lending their voices and leg muscles to spread the word about our program.

How do I get involved?

Participating is easy! Simply sign up to ride and the choices are up to you!

  • Ride 100 miles around the park loop (about 33 laps)
  • Ride 100 kilometers (about 19 laps)
  • Ride for  100 minutes
  • Have fun with 100 new friends (bike a few laps, take photobooth pictures, eat pie!)
  • High-five 100 people
  • Tweet 100 times with the hashtag #hp100
  • Get 100 people to donate
  • Bring 100 friends to the event
  • The possibilities are endless…

Anything else?

Still on the fence, huh?  Nelle and I can help! Look, here’s a handy checklist of reasons why you should ride:

  1. Choose-your-own-adventure ride. Start when you want. Ride as long as you want. Stop for snacks and prizes.  Pet people’s dogs.  Ride funny bikes.  Drafting is legal.  Time trials are legal.  Slow rides are legal.  
  2. It’s impossible to get lost or off-track.  The route goes around Hains Point… and around, and around. No electronic devices needed… but if you ARE on Strava, it will be hilarious.  
  3. Did someone say snacks? There’s potluck snacks… and I even hear there’s a pie guy coming.
  4. Look at all the awesome ride sponsors! Must. Win. Door Prize.  
  5. Ride with the finest of D.C.’s bike advocacy community, including all those people you’ve only gotten to see on Facebook or in the news. And you’ll bond over the fact that we have survived 2016, and we are still kicking it in DC, riding our bikes in circles in the wind around a peninsula in December.
  6. This is a locally organized, sustainable, homegrown, organic event, coordinated by one very dedicated supporter of the Women & Bicycles program.  
  7. You’ll get bragging rights for riding 100 somethings around Hains Point.
  8. What a great opportunity to practice your counting. One hundred miles is 33 laps! 100 Minutes is 100!  One minute is 60 seconds!  Do you have kids who like to count?  The Hains Point 100 is the perfect event for them!
  9. Normalize winter riding! Mittens, gloves, fun scarves, reindeer horns on your helmet…
  10. Your donations to the Hains Point 100 will help get more women on bikes. One hundred percent of the ride proceeds will be donated to WABA’s Women & Bicycles program, helping to fund another year of dedicated outreach.