What in the World is a DC Bike Ambassador?

You may have been driving, walking or biking one day and noticed a group of enthusiastic, red-shirted people with bikes on the corner. Congratulations! You spotted the DC Bike Ambassadors in their natural habitat. They were most likely talking to people about being safe on the street. Maybe they were passing out bike lights to bicyclists. Or perhaps they shared a flier with you about upcoming bike events around town. DC Bike Ambassadors are volunteers who love bicycling and want to bring the benefits of bicycling to their communities. But the best part is, you can be one too!
Want to be a Bike Ambassador? Yes!

DC Bike Ambassadors with Brianne Nadeau

This year, we are adding another layer to the work of DC Bike Ambassadors. We want to spend more time in communities typically underserved by WABA and by the bicycling improvement efforts in the District. This includes communities in Wards 4, 7 and 8, seniors, the Spanish speaking community, deaf bicyclists, and blind bicyclists. We’ll better engage with these communities by hosting rides and events, tabling at expos, fairs and festivals, and being present for community meetings that affect these communities. We’ll also work to build relationships with organizations in these communities to reach their members and share WABA’s resources with them. Finally, we’ll be biking with our public awareness trailer (if you see us, say hello!), volunteering our time with other organizations, and connecting them with the people they serve. We want DC Bike Ambassadors to be a reflection of the region’s growing bicycling community; including all communities is key. If you want to be part of this movement to attract more diverse bicyclists to the biking community, please sign up for our bi-monthly newsletter to learn more about our upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.