What’s a Roll Model?

Women & Bicycles Roll Models are peer-to-peer mentors who know bicycling, and want to share their knowledge and excitement with new and less confident riders. They are experts of their own experience, and want to help other women become comfortable on two wheels. At a Roll Model meet-up, new women riders (called protégés) learn the basics of riding in a fun, welcoming environment. The Roll Model leading the meet-up will review the parts of a bike, different types of bikes, what to wear to stay comfortable, tips for riding in traffic, and selecting the best route. Many protégés and Roll Models have gone on to take City Cycling classes together, along with WABA Signature rides and Women & Bicycles events. Last year, Roll Models helped protégés:
  • Learn the best routes to ride to commute to work in DC;
  • Figure out new bicycles, and how to put them on a car-mounted rack;
  • Decide how to set up their bikes to carry spare clothes;
  • Go on their first big ride! Protégés and their Roll Models attended the Strong Women Ride, the Seagull Century, the 50 States Ride, the Cider ride, several City Cycling classes, the Lighting the Way Community Ride, and more!

How do I sign up?

Ashley Blue, one of W&B’s original Roll Models, on the National Mall with her bike.

Join Ashley Blue, one of our original Roll Models, for the first 2018 Roll Models meet-up on April 7. Ashley’s goal is to help other women feel confident as they achieve their goals and learn new skills on bikes. One of the biggest questions she faces how to use her bike in everyday life for errands, so to help other women find the answer, she’ll show how to set up a bike for getting groceries. We invite women who want to be protégés to sign up here. Do you want to be a Roll Model yourself? The next training will be in April – join the Doodle poll to choose a date.