Special Event

Connect, Collect, Celebrate: A BIPOC Retreat

Thursday, November 19, 2020, 9:00 AM



With all that is going on in our world, Black, Indigenous and People of Color, BIPOC need a space to come together to connect with one another, collect ourselves, and celebrate.

We have planned an amazing lineup of nationally recognized speakers who will cover topics such as identifying burnout, dealing with microaggressions, building your professional network, tips on advancing your career, as well as providing time for collective joy.

The retreat is scheduled for Thursday, November 19th from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and hosted on WABA’s Zoom Platform. In order to have genuine, open, and honest discussions among the small group of attendees, most sessions will not be recorded.

The link to the Zoom event will be emailed to all registrants once they sign up.

Code of Conduct

WABA’s first priority is to provide a fun, inclusive and safe environment for all participants.  Below is the Code of Conduct that you commit to when you enter a WABA space.

WABA events are opt-in; the Code of Conduct is not. We expect everyone at the Cider Ride to adhere to the Code.

If you have questions about the Code of Conduct, contact Anna: events@test.waba.org.

“As a member of the WABA community, I commit to the following whenever I am in a WABA space:

  1. I acknowledge that I exist in a society built on unequal, and unjust power structures. I agree that I have a responsibility to interrogate my privileges and use my power to help make WABA spaces increasingly safe, inclusive, and supportive for everyone. 
  1. I acknowledge that WABA has a zero-tolerance policy for racist behavior, sexual harassment, physical or verbal abuse, microaggressions, tokenism, and all other harmful actions. I agree that these actions have no place in a supportive, inclusive community, and to make it a priority to never harm another person in any of these ways.
  1. I acknowledge that my behavior — not my intentions—is what affects the people around me, and that it is possible for me to harass or otherwise harm others even when I don’t mean to. I agree to be respectful, kind, compassionate, and supportive to those around me in both word and in action—and, if someone lets me know that my behavior is harmful, to immediately adjust that behavior with the goal of preventing future harm.
  1. I acknowledge that the work of mitigating the harmful effects of unjust power structures is never done. I agree to take on the responsibility of speaking out against instances of racism, sexism, ableism, and other discrimation or manifestations of prejudice, whenever I have the power to do so.
  1.  I acknowledge that if I cannot adjust a behavior that is harming other community members, it makes sense for WABA staff to ask me to leave the community space. I agree that if WABA staff asks me to leave a WABA space because of a Code of Conduct violation, I will do so. 

If you experience a code of conduct violation at the hands of another participant, staff member or volunteer, or witness unjust behaviors by another individual, please notify a WABA staff member.