New Date

MWABA Tandem Training

Monday, June 14, 2021, 5:30 PM

Eastern Market Metro


Three people are riding in a line on a three person bicycle away from the camera so you can only see their backs. The captain is wearing a white jersy, and the two people behind are in blue jerseys. Everyone is smiling, the sky is blue and they are about to go for a ride. Photo credit: MWABA

Postponed to Mon June 14th due to forecast storm on Thurs June 10th.

Learn how to be a tandem captain with Metro Washington Association of Blind Athletes (MWABA) and WABA! In preparation for the 2021 riding season, come learn how to captain a tandem for MWABA rides.

The regular season is 5:45PM every Thursday in daylight savings (April to October) and occasional weekends from the Eastern Market Metro in DC and the Bethesda Metro. We are blind/visually impaired stokers (back seat) and are looking for captains (front seat) to ride with us.  

Do I Need a Bike?  Most captains do not own a tandem and do not have tandem experience.  Rather, they are cycling or fitness enthusiasts who want a new challenge.

How Does it Work?  We provide the bikes and training for the new riders (both captains and stokers). Once you join the MWABA mailing list after training, you will receive an e-mail on Sundays asking who is interested in riding the following Thursday. If you respond that you’re interested, we will match you with a stoker and send you further details about the ride. You can ride as often or as infrequently as your schedule allows. 

Want to Join as a Stoker? Email MWABA’s organizer Karla Gilbride at

MWABA logo! It's a blue ring with red border that says Metro Washigton Association of Blind Athletes with MWABA in the middle

Interested in being a captain? Signup with MWABA’s form to let us know you’re coming and what size bicycle you’ll need: