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Close the North Carolina Ave. Bike Network Gap

North Carolina Ave needs a continuous, low-stress, all ages and abilities bike connection from Lincoln Park to C St, the Fields at RFK, and the Anacostia River Trail to fill out the Capitol Hill network.


Tell Maryland State Highway Administration to make the bike lanes on University Boulevard permanent!

now that the pilot period is over, SHA intends to remove the project on November 14, 2021. We need to act now to insist that SHA keep the protected bike lanes in place permanently!


People’s Alliance for Rock Creek (PARC)

The People’s Alliance for Rock Creek Park supports keeping upper Beach Drive closed to car traffic permanently.


Support a Safer, More Sustainable Montgomery County

Ask the Montgomery County Council to support the Transportation elements of the Thrive Montgomery 2050 Plan


Get Action Updates from Sustainable Mobility for Arlington

A weekly newsletter with actions to support biking, walking and transit in Arlington County.


Tell SHA to Keep The Protected Bike Lanes on MD-193/University Blvd

Tell the Maryland State Highway Administration not to remove this protected bike lane.


Ask your elected officials to support the Capital Trails Network!

We’ve got about 400 miles to go to complete the Capital Trails Network. Let’s get building!


Speak up now for safe, low-stress biking on 37th & Tunlaw

DDOT has a plan to create a low-stress bike corridor on 37th, Tunlaw and New Mexico & ANC 3B wants to hear from you.


Join the People Before Cars Coalition

Championing the implementation of best practices in people-centric urban design and planning.


Remove Police from Traffic Enforcement

The best way to ensure walkers, bicyclists, and bus riders have safe commutes is to fund safe infrastructure to change driver behavior, and to educate drivers on safety rules and regulations. We can start to move the pace towards investing in safe infrastructure by moving away from the dated status quo of relying on armed […]



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Envisioning a Safer Street

Your street doesn’t feel safe. How could you change it to make it better? You don’t need a traffic engineering degree to come up with workable solutions.


Lyft E-Scooters: Getting Started, Rules of the Road, and Riding Safely

Check out our video for tips on how to get started, scooter safety tips and rules of the road.


Workshop: Working with Advisory Neighborhood Commissions

In this session, we’ll look at the ups, downs and idiosyncrasies of the District’s hyperlocal elected bodies. ANCs are critical to advancing safe streets projects in DC.


Women & Bicycles: Planning Your Route

Quick tips on how to plan out your ride, for fun and safety.


Webinar: Prince George’s County Trail Highlights

Trail highlights from WABA Instructor and Black Women Bike member, Robyn Short.


Workshop: Understanding and Participating in the Transportation Planning Process

In this video, we explore how the District Department of Transportation moves a project from idea to construction and opportunities to weigh in.


Workshop: Effective Tactics

In this video, we will cover some tactics to build support for a project, and then demonstrate that support to the right decision-makers.


Workshop: Planning to Win

Thoughtful strategy is key to a successful campaign. In this video, we look at strategies for winning campaigns—power-mapping; understanding the process and biases of people (and agencies); setting goals and measuring progress; and connecting the right tactics with the right people at the right time.


Workshop: Talking About Safe Streets

In this session, we’ll tackle one of the most fundamental parts of winning campaigns: how to talk about what you want.


Workshop: Geometry of Street Transformations

Dive into the geometry and limits of transforming streets, plus get to know a tool for mocking up street changes.


Workshop: Getting Safe Streets that Work for Everyone

Proven strategies for getting attention and action from DC agencies on sidewalk fixes, intersection improvements, traffic calming, and more.


Bike & Pedestrian Safety for Kids

A kid-focused video on biking and walking safely in the city.


How do I get a bike rack?

Here’s a quick breakdown on how to get new bike parking installed.


Lotuses & Water Lilies: A Trail Guide

Let the Trail Ranger team help you find your next adventure right off the Anacostia River Trail at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens.


Bikeable, Walkable Workshop for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners

A rundown of how DC’s Department of Transportation moves forward street safety and redesign projects, explore effective ways to participate in that process or tried and true tactics to get a good idea moving.


Exploring Our Regional Trails

Curious to learn more about trails in the region? Here are some of our favorite trails


Trail Basics

Trails are great! But there are a few trail basics to know.


Finishing your ride on a Bikeshare e-bike.

VIDEO: how to end your ride on a Capital Bikeshare dockless e-bike.


Rules of the road on a Bikeshare e-bike.

Let’s talk about rules of the road in this short video!


Riding in the city on a Bikeshare e-bike.

VIDEO: what you need to know to get around safely on a Capital Bikeshare dockless e-bike.


Getting Started on a Bikeshare e-bike.

How to get started on a Capital Bikeshare dockless e-bike.


Riding in the Cold

Stay warm with layering!


How to Teach Bike Safety to Young People

Bring fun (and safety) to your community groups, church groups, after school clubs, or the awesomest birthday party ever!


Webinar: Bike Buying 101

Tips from Black Women Bike’s Robyn Short on how to buy a bike!