Instructors for Individual Lessons

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Below is a list of League Cycling Instructors and WABA educators who teach individual lessons.

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Please read through the bios and pick the instructor(s) who you think will best suit your needs. Instructors are individual contractors that teach on their own outside of WABA. Therefore, it is up to you to negotiate all of the details of your education experience with them, including, but not limited to: the number of lessons, time, date, location, price, equipment and insurance. Please note that your WABA membership does not give you access to free private lessons.

Due to COVID-19, instructors will likely require that participants take additional precautions such as wearing masks, sanitizing bikes, using hand sanitizer, etc. Please speak with your instructor to discuss their COVID safety precautions before meeting in person.

If you have any questions or concerns about the process of arranging one-on-one instruction, please email

Instructors Based in Washington DC

Anica Allen


Anica is an experienced instructor that aims to help students feel comfortable and have fun while they learn.

Students: Adults

COVID: All students must wear a mask.

Anica is based in DC but is willing to travel to Maryland to teach.

Katie Bolton


Katie is a commuter, former casual triathlete, and League Cycling Instructor who is eager to help you find joy as a bicyclist. She is ready to help you work through your fears and hesitations to develop the skills needed to ride and the confidence to pursue your riding goals – whether it is a ride with your family or a ride across the country.

Students: Adults

COVID: Lessons are held outdoors. Masks should be worn at all times, and physical distance will be maintained. If I need to touch your bike, I’ll use sanitizer before and after.

Katie is located in SW DC but is willing to travel to teach in SE DC, parts of NW/NE, adn Jones Point Park in Alexandria, Virginia.

Terrie Chan


When not out on my bike I am a Smithsonian dinosaur bone duplicator volunteer/contractor.  Riding to school as a child, my love for cycling was rekindled when I moved from San Francisco to Washington DC in 2012.  Whether it’s grocery shopping, far away errands or meeting up with friends, adventure and joy best describes my love for biking!  Let me show you how to become a safe and confident rider whether you are new to biking, want to ride on bike paths, tool around your own neighborhood, or experience the exhilarating thrill of riding down Pennsylvania Avenue!

Students: I teach all ages in the DC/VA/MD metro area.  It’s a thrill for me to introduce your little one to the happiness of biking or teach your teenager, mother, father or grandparent how to ride (I’m a mom and grandparent too)! 

COVID: Since Covid I am fastidious in my personal life and I provide safe private lessons following no-contact protocols of wearing a mask, sanitizing the bike and safe distancing.  All students are required to wear a mask.

Leah Fantle


Leah is an experienced bicycle mechanic and bicycle skills instructor in Washington, DC. She is excited to work with new learners of all ages, as well as helping rebuild learners’ confidence to get back on the bike after a long gap or a traumatic bike experience. Leah received her League Cycling Instructor (LCI) certification in spring of 2018, and has worked as a bicycle mechanic and educator since 2016. An encouraging and empathetic coach, she can work with you to learn balance, maneuvering skills, trail & traffic etiquette, route planning, and essential bicycle maintenance.

Students: All ages

COVID: Students and instructor will wear masks and maintain 6′ physical distancing. Hand sanitizer will be provided.

Rebecca Harnik


Rebecca grew up in the DC area, and has biked year-round for more than 15 years — to commute to work, run errands, embark on long multi-state trips, and venture out on weekend rides with friends. Few things make Rebecca happier than supporting people to increase their comfort levels on bikes — there is so much joy in biking! Rebecca is a thoughtful, empathetic and encouraging instructor, and will tailor lessons to the needs of the individual. She works with adults and teens of all skill levels — from teaching participants to ride a bike for the first time, to helping others get back on a bike after many years, and improving confidence while biking in urban spaces. She can also help riders to practice navigating safe routes in the area, or collaborate to test out bike commutes. Rebecca loves creative lesson requests, and can help support you in strengthening your confidence and comfort on a bike to suit your needs.  Rebecca has navigated severe pain with her back, and can work with riders who may need to move at a slower pace, or use an e-bike to accommodate physical needs. 

Students: Adults and teens

COVID: Bikes are one of the best ways to safely travel locally during COVID-19. Rebecca takes COVID-19 seriously in her personal life. She will wear a mask while teaching and asks that participants wear masks while within 6 ft of her or other riders.

Rebecca lives in Northeast DC and is willing to teach throughout Washington DC and in nearby Maryland suburbs including Mt. Rainier, Hyattsville, and College Park. .

Jeff Johnson


I am an LCI and daily bike commuter. No parking problems, gas bills and never stuck in traffic. I am also an older bicyclist and a father; I understand older students as well as new bike riders, kids and families. I can help you overcome common biking hang ups and plot and navigate a safe ride to work, school or to the store.

Students: All ages, but particularly interested in helping older riders learn or return to city biking.

COVID: Mask required and we will sanitize bikes

Jeff is based in DC but teaches lessons in Maryland and Northern Virginia as well.

Hamzat Sani


I am a licensed instructor that has led organizations, groups and initiatives towards getting all types of communities cycling. I’m excited to work with folks of all ages, abilities, orientations and needs. Would love to work with you and yours on exploring this world by bike!

Students: All ages, stages and ranges.

COVID: I ask that adults and children take the proper COVID-19 protocols when working with me. These include suitable masks being worn over the nose and mouth at all times and frequent use of hand sanitizer and hand washing.

Hamzat is based in DC but will travel wherever needed.

Chuck Taylor

Contact: or 202.285.9856

Charles Keenan Taylor is a native Washingtonian. In addition to being an instructor for WABA, Chuck is a Recreation Specialist for the DC Department of Parks and Recreation, an REI Outdoor School Instructor and a Personal Trainer. For many years he has been passionate about leading activities and teaching classes in and around his community to promote healthy living and an active lifestyle through fitness and outdoor recreation.

COVID: Chuck expects all participants to follow the same COVID restrictions that they would when attending WABA classes.

Chuck is based in DC but also teaches classes in Montgomery and Prince George’s County, Maryland, Arlington and Fairfax Counties, and the cities of Alexandria and Falls Church in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Sam Wetzel

Contact: or call/text at 202-550-7656

Sam has been teaching bicycling since 2016, when she completed LCI training with WABA. She loves teaching first-time adult riders, and helping people to become more confident on the road. While she has been known to ride for sport, most of her riding is for transportation or enjoyment. Sam is also a Master Gardener and loves to be outside with plants.

Students: Sam prefers first-time adult riders, but can teach any age level or experience

COVID: Sam requires students to wear masks during class. Depending on the current state of things, she may require more safety precautions.

Sam is located in Northeast, DC (Woodridge) but is willing to travel within DC to teach. She has a great teaching location nearby her house.

Corinna Wollmann


I’m a commuter, recreational, and occasional short-touring cyclist and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with folks who want to get into cycling or take a refresher course on road safety. My goal is to get more people on bikes in a way that supports them wherever they are in their cycling journey.

Students: All ages

COVID: Wear masks, social distancing, limited number of people

Corinna teaches in DC and Virginia, but is willing to travel to Maryland if needed.

Instructors Based in Northern Virginia

Annmarie Dinan Hansen


DC born and a product of Arlington County public schools, I have been biking in and around DC for most of my life. For the past seven years, I’ve had half a dozen jobs involving bikes. Most recently, I ran an outreach program for WABA for a year and half. Now, I enjoy working with homeschooled kids. Even though I know my way around a bike, I’m a casual rider, and can often be seen on my bike wearing dresses. I wish to give my students a meaningful experience in a low-pressure environment. Check out my website-

Students: Annmarie loves teaching people of every age, from grade schoolers to grandparents, and in between. She has begun teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, outside, with masks worn and appropriate distancing

Annmarie teaches lessons in Alexandria, Virginia, DC and the surrounding areas.

Bob Evans


Retired. Experienced WABA instructor, LCI qualified, have successfully taught adults and children, including children on the Autism spectrum. Volunteer instructor at Herndon Middle School Bike Club program (when school was in session pre-COVID)

Students: All ages

COVID: Students will wear masks and we will maintain social distance for safety.

Bob teaches throughout Northern Virginia.

Edgar Gil Rico


Do you want to practice your Spanish while learning city cycling? Edgar is a bilingual (English and Spanish) League of American Bicyclists certified Instructor who commutes daily from Arlington into D.C. He has ridden his bike on the streets in Bogotá, Copenhagen, NYC and some other fun places. He has successfully taught adults and kids of all skill levels.

Students: All ages

Edgar teaches lessons in Arlington, Alexandria and Washington DC.

Jason Horowitz


In addition to teaching people of all ages how to ride confidently and safely, Jason is available as your guru for everyday biking. He’s a League of American Bicyclist Certified Instructor and an active member of WABA who rides in all locations, seasons and (most) conditions; he’ll be happy to teach you – or a loved one – how to do the same. Check out his website

Students: All ages and skill levels

COVID: All lessons are as COVID-safe as possible and follow social-distancing and mask protocols.

Jason lives in Arlington and teaches throughout the region.

Katie Kelley


Cycling enriches so many areas of my life – work, play and competition. My partner and I run Squij Kat Inc where we make fun gifts for cycling enthusiasts. Some of our products are even made of bike parts. We also teach learn to ride and cycling skills classes to adults and children, and have taught through WABA, FABB and through private lessons. We bike to work, bike for fun and bike in triathlons!

Students: I work with adults and kids ages 8 and up and I can speak Spanish.

COVID: I try to do no-touch as much as possible so I start by showing how to handle/manage/move your bike.

Katie is located in Reston, VA and will travel to teach throughout Northern Virginia.

Victor “V.J.” Meleski


I am a retired Physical Education Teacher and League Cycling Instructor with The League of American Bicyclists. I have over 10 years’ experience teaching bike safety. For the last 5 years, I have been an Instructor in Fairfax County Public Schools for their Safe Routes to School Program. My students have ranged from beginner to advanced riders and elementary age through adult. I have also worked with Girl Scouts on their bike safety skills to satisfy requirements for their various badges.

Students: All ages and special needs

COVID: Social distancing

V.J. will travel to teach

Erin Meter


Erin loves working with individuals of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Whether it’s learning to ride, or gaining more confidence on your bike, Erin is here to help you achieve your goals in a safe, supportive environment. Erin is a bike commuter, and loves running errands and planning trips on her bike. She is also on the board of the Alexandria Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, where she helps advocate for infrastructure and policy changes that create a safe, accessible, and livable Alexandria for all.

Students: All ages

Erin is based in Alexandria and teaches throughout Northern Virginia.

Carolyn Schroeder


Carolyn brings her love of biking and teaching to every class. Whether you want to learn to ride or gain skills and confidence to ride in this urban area, she is here to help you meet your riding goals! Carolyn mostly gets around town by bike, commuting to work and to run errands, as well as to visit with friends. Exploring places by bike and planning out a safe route is one of her favorite things to do, making the mundane much more of an adventure. In addition to being a certified League Cycling Instructor, Carolyn is involved in her local Alexandria community to promote pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

Students: All ages

COVID: masks and social distancing, follow local guidelines

Carolyn teaches primarily in Virginia, but will occasionally travel to teach.

Bruce Wright

Contact: or

I regularly teach learn-to-ride lessons in Reston, VA. I’ve been a cycling instructor since 2009. I love to ride and have been fortunate to be able to travel mostly by bike in Northern Virginia. I am a trained bicycle mechanic and worked for many years in a local bike shop. My wife and I regularly explore the U.S. with our folding bikes. I founded Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling and am currently a board member. I’ve also served on the WABA board.

Students: All ages

Bruce is based out of Reston, VA. He prefers to teach in Reston, but is able to travel to other locations in Northern Virginia.

Instructors Based in Maryland

Tia Moore


Tia has been a high school physical education teacher for the past 17 years. Her for love for cycling started when she received Smart Virginia training to start her first school cycling program in 2006. Since then she has ran programs for schools in southern and northern Virginia. She has been League Cycling Instructor (LCI) since 2018 and a WABA instructor since 2019. Her true passion is teaching and helping others learn.  She is a recreational road cyclist and enjoys using her bike to explore new places.

Students: All ages

COVID: Tia follows current CDC guidelines. Everyone MUST wear a mask and answer basic screening questions. 

Tia is based in Prince Georges County, MD but also teaches in Alexandria and Arlington, VA.

Brenda Ruby


Brenda has been riding a bike for the past 25 years and has biked all around the region on roads and trails primarily for the joy of riding. Brenda became a League Cycling Instructor in the Fall of 2013 and has successfully taught both children and adults who were sure they couldn’t learn. Lessons are always positive and fun.

Students: Ages 5-75!

Brenda is based in Montgomery County, MD but teaches in Northwest DC, Alexandria and Arlington, VA.

Kristi Upman


Kristi discovered cycling as an adult in 2012, and became a League Cycling Instructor (LCI) in 2016. She teaches with WABA, and is also an instructor with REI, where she teaches Learn to Ride and Intro to Mountain Biking, and leads kayaking tours. She loves teaching first-time teen and adult riders! She also has a lot of experience with children, and teaches kids 6 years and up. Once people are comfortable with basic cycling, she also works with individuals to develop additional bike handling skills. When not cycling, she works full-time as a registered nurse, and has a long history mentoring youth in the DMV. 

COVID: Kristi is fully vaccinated and no longer requires masks for outdoor instruction, but is happy to mask-up per student preference. 

Students: Ages 6 and up, with a special excitement for new adult riders! She also speaks Spanish. She’s willing to teach throughout the DMV region. She recently relocated to Bowie, MD, and offers a discount to PG County residents who can meet in Bowie for their lesson(s). 

Robyn Short


I’m a recreational rider with experience teaching children and adults. My specialties are helping kids say farewell to training wheels, and giving adult riders the confidence to get on the bike for the first time (or after a long time). My teaching style is relaxed – I’m about enjoying the outdoors, and I strongly believe riding bikes should be FUN and not frustrating!

Students: All ages; experience teaching students with disabilities

COVID: Robyn sends an email to students before the class that outlines restrictions and logistics in detail. Everyone MUST wear a mask and answer basic screening questions. No exceptions.

Robyn is located in Upper Marlboro, MD in Prince George’s County. She does not teach classes deep into winter when temperatures are at or near freezing.

Laurie Williams


I’m a retired Sr. Computer Scientist that worked for the Federal Government for over 25 years. Once I retired, I became an avid cyclist, a mentor for the Washington Area Bicyclist Association’s (WABA) Women & Bicycle program and started advocating for better biking infrastructure and safe streets for everyone (especially in underserved areas). I am on the leadership team of a local biking group, Black Women Bike: DC, and we promote biking for all women (especially black women) of all ages for fun, exercise, health, economics and the economy. I became a League Cycling Instructor (LCI) certified by the League of American Bicyclists over five years ago. I teach private, League and WABA’s learn how to ride classes, bike safety classes and confident riding classes. I volunteer as a ride marshal on numerous rides with different organizations. I’m also a member of the Capital-Trails-Network-Coalition. I have testified about biking issues for the DC Council and been interviewed by the Washington Informer Newspaper, Biking for People Blog, and WABA. I have produced and directed a video for the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) entitled “The Challenges of Biking in Underserved Suburban Areas: Central & Southern Prince George’s County, Maryland.”

Students: All ages

Laurie is located in Clinton, Maryland and prefers to teach in Prince George’s County.