Advertise Your Event

The WABA Promoted Events program is a way for interested parties to gain access to WABA’s communication channels in order to promote events that square with WABA’s mission to better bicycling in the D.C. region. Our platforms for Promoted Events—which include our events listing website and monthly email newsletter—are seen by more than 55,000 people, guaranteeing that information about your event will reach WABA’s members and supporters.

Apply Now

WABA does not list events for free.

As of August 1, 2019 our event partnership program has new, simplified structure.

  • Listings are $100 per month, with new listings added in the first week of each month. We offer a 25% discount for nonprofits with an annual budget of less than $3 million.
  • For the duration of the listing, the event will be listed in the “Featured Events” section of
  • For the duration of the listing, the event will be listed chronologically in the relevant section of our Event Hub newsletter. We send the newsletter in the first week of the month.
  • Listing includes an image and ~200 characters of text. Keep it short an snappy! You can get a sense of the available space on by hovering your mouse over a listing on
  • In both in the email newsletter and on, listings are identified as paid content.
  • Clicking on the listing will send users directly to your web page.

Payment and information about your event is required in advance. Once we receive your payment and all necessary materials, we’ll move forward with promotion through the Promoted Events program.

To submit a Promoted Event application, please fill out this form.