Learn to Ride for Kids and Adults

Scheduled Classes

No events scheduled.

Adult Class Details

Class Duration: 3 hours

Equipment: Bicycle and helmet provided 


  • $85.00 – non-resident registration
  • Pay what you can – Check out our tiered membership options. Members get access to all Adult Education classes for free!
  • $10.00 – subsidized resident registration (Thanks to your local government)
  • FREE – WABA members (email education@test.waba.org for the code)

Registration Policy: Advanced registration is required for Adult Learn to Ride classes. Registration closes at 1:00 pm the Friday before class. 

Adult Class FAQ

Is this class right for me? 

  • This class is reserved for adults ages 18 or older. Looking for Youth Learn to Ride classes? Visit our Youth and Family Education page. 
  • This class is for adults who have never learned to ride a bike or who have not ridden a bike in some time. 
  • Adult Learn to Ride classes can host up to 25 students at a time. If you prefer one on one instruction, check out our Individual Lessons page. 
  • Subsidized registration cost is reserved for residents of the host jurisdiction, but you do not have to be a resident to sign up for a class! All are welcome to attend. Sign up for class using the non-resident registration form. 

Are you sure I can learn to ride in 3 hours? 

Our Adult Learn to Ride classes are broken down into safe, easy to follow steps. Instructors will work with you to offer tailored feedback and guidance to improve your practice. Over 80% of participants last year were riding by the end of a 3 hour class. If you need a little extra instruction, we will work with you to get you signed up for another Learn to Ride. 

What if I need to take another Learn to Ride class? 

Email us at education@test.waba.org and we will help to get you signed up for another Learn to Ride at a discounted cost.

Can I bring my own bike? 

We recommend that participants use the bicycles provided during class. The bikes we use are properly sized for each participant and are in good working order. WABA does not offer on site bike maintenance for personal bikes. 

What should I bring with me to class? 

Water, close toed shoes, athletic clothing, appropriate outerwear, snacks, and sunscreen! 

How do I confirm my registration? 

After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with details about the class. We will send you a reminder email two days before class with all the information you need (including google maps directions!). 

I learned to ride! Now what?

Check out a Basic Skills Clinic or a City Cycling Class.

Youth Class Details

Our approach is fun and intuitive, but it also requires hard work. Your child will be riding for two hours. We take breaks every hour. This class is for your child if:

  • They are between the ages of 6 and 12 years old 
  • Your child has never tried to learn how to ride a bike; or
  • They have tried to learn and have not been successful.

All students are responsible for bringing their own bicycle, helmet and mask. All students are required to wear a helmet for the duration of the class.  

Please ensure that your child comes to class wearing comfortable clothes and close-toed shoes. Please bring the following: water and snacks, and a mask. This class will be outdoors. Mask use is mandatory.

Only students who have reserved space in the class may attend. Unfortunately, walk-up students cannot be accommodated.

If your child falls outside of the 6-12 age range, or you don’t have your own bike or helmet, please email us at youth@test.waba.org.

Health and Safety Protocols

Due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19, all participants are expected to adhere to WABA’s health and safety guidelines for in-person events. You can review WABA’s full guidelines for classes here.

  • Participants should not attend in-person events if they feel sick or show symptoms of illness. WABA will refund registration fees to individuals who cannot attend because they are sick on the day of an event. If you are sick and unable to attend an in-person event, contact WABA for a refund.
  • Classes will be limited to 10 participants and 3 instructors.
  • All instructors and participants are required to wear face masks for the duration of the class.
  • WABA requires participants to wear face masks in accordance with CDC and jurisdictional mask guidelines at all in-person events:
    • Masks must cover both the mouth and nose. 
    • Masks must be secured below the chin. 
    • Participants should sanitize their hands before and after touching their mask or face area. 
    • For more details, read the full CDC mask guidelines. 
  • Participants will provide their contact information at event registration. Participants consent to WABA contacting them and/or releasing their contact information to necessary authorities if there is a need for contact tracing following an event to contain an outbreak of COVID-19.
  • All instructors and participants are required to maintain social distancing (6 ft apart) for the duration of the class
  • In the event of a minor injury (cuts or scrapes) participants will be provided with first aid supplies to treat themselves. If an individual is unable to treat themselves, or if a more serious injury occurs, WABA will call for an ambulance for additional medical care.
  • Parents will be asked to wait away from the class and not participate.